Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that we are ready to offer you OEM manufacturing (OEM/Private Label) of all our product line for sealants and primers for your company at our plant. Choosing us as a partner for manufacturing products under Private Label we are ready to guarantee the following:

  • reputation of the partner (not a claim is reported within 7 years of plant’s existence);
  • high production capacity of our plant as a contract manufacturer (we can produce any order quantity);
  • science and marketing support;
  • access capability for new research and development projects 2-3 years in advance;
  • access to scientific base and laboratory including cases of introducing new materials to market;
  • convenient logistics;
  • service and control over order fulfilment;
  • strict conformity of all product marking to current legislation;
  • packaging design corresponds to approved artwork design provided by you.