Bitumen Primers

Who produces our bitumen primer products?

All of our bitumen primers are produced by us at Bitarel’s own bitumen production plant. We are experts in the field, and all of our bitumen primers are of top-quality while we keep the price of our bitumen primers competitive.

What is a bitumen primer?

Bitumen primers are used to prime and seal surfaces – such as roofing and concrete – before bitumen is poured on.

The coverage from bitumen primers allows you to cover porous roofs before applying heat and the bituminous top layer.

Bitumen primers are also used to ensure an object will be waterproofed before applying a waterproofing membrane.

How cost-effective are Bitarel’s bitumen primers?
The price of our Bitumen primers is cost-effective for our quality products.

Contact Bitarel today to discuss the price of our bitumen primers, to request expert assistance or to simply ask for help and advice regarding our bitumen primer’s specification!

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