Materials For Road Surfacing, Bridgeworks, Airfields

Bitumen materials designed for road surfacing come in many different forms – from hot applied joint sealant to bitumen polymer tape. Bitumen is also perfect for other forms of construction, such as surfacing airfields and bridgeworks.

How can I use Bitarel’s products for new road surfacing projects?
Our road surfacing materials work excellently on new roads for all sorts of applications such as paving, sealing and waterproofing.

At Bitarel, we are asphalt bonding specialists, so no matter the size or difficulty of your project, we will be able to offer a product that will work for you.

How can I use Bitarel’s products for road repairs?

Bitarel’s road surfacing materials don’t only work perfectly for new road surfacing projects, but bituminous products are perfect for filling in potholes to make an old road as good as new.

It’s vital that potholes can be repaired quickly and efficiently since the most common period for new potholes to appear – or older ones to worsen – is the winter, when the cold and weather conditions already present problems for vehicles.

Bitarel’s products for road surfacing can improve the condition of older roads and fill in potholes as quickly as they appear.

How can I get in touch with Bitarel to discuss my road surfacing needs further?

If you cannot find something to fit your needs, feel free to contact Bitarel directly.

We produce our own products in-house and we are experts in the bitumen industry, allowing us to manufacture a tailor-made product for all your road surfacing needs, if required.

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